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At Thomas Cole Inc., we specialize in greenhouse gas road mapping, carbon neutral schools, sustainable brands marketing. But what's really key is we create: capacity, capital and curriculum for companies, school districts and colleges and universities while reducing waste, improving image and retention.

Established in 2000, Thomas Cole Inc. was built to support sustainable brands, school districts, colleges and universities in their efforts to green their organizations. While many efforts were being made very little was being broadcasted to stakeholders to instil pride and inspire more.  Hence we saw an opportunity.   We have combined our passions for:  the earth, leadership and creating opportunities for youth.

about us

Grow your business with our success model for acquiring leads, developing the market and creating referrals.

Give back to the community - working collaborative with school districts, colleges and universities, municipalities, corporations and government to resolve issues like:

  • Social change
  • Ageing infrastructure
  • Skill force development
  • Co-ops
  • Jobs 
  • Innovation and research